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May 25, 2010 by plates  
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More and more we’re seeing manufacturers of vibration plates emerge, and Medicarn is not only one of them, they’ve also been around for some time, providing customers with exercise equipment, like their Medicarn vibration plates. These vibration plates don’t only come in a number of styles, and are at some of the lowest price points you’ll find for a vibration plate, but you may also be surprised to see that they have been advertised on many infomercials. This means that even if you order from their website, Medicarn will still give you the lowest television price for your vibration plate, which will be one of the lowest prices on the market.

Medicarn vibration plates come in four different styles: the Medicarn Vibration Massage Plate 300 Series; the Medicarn Vibration Massage Plate 200 Series; the Vibration Plate Gold; and the Vibration Plate Gold Plus. Those who find that they don’t have a lot of room to store the full-size machines, or who just like having a small, compact workout area, will most likely find the Vibration Plate Gold and the Gold Plus more to their liking. These machines are small and only take up a couple feet of room on the floor. However, you will still get a killer workout from them. The Gold Plus machine does have handlebars that are rubberized for extra grip, and they come up lower than handlebars on regular machines.

The Medicarn Power Vibration Plate 300 Series and the 200 Series are larger machines than the Gold and the Gold Plus. They do have full handlebars so you can stretch, tone, and perform many different workouts than just using a floor model. Between the two still, there are a few key differences. One is that with the 300 Series, you’ll get 80 different speed settings while the 200 will give you a choice of 50, and both come with digital control of course. The 200 Series also has 3 automatic programs and one manual while the 300 Series does away with the manual altogether and instead gives you 8 automatic programs.

Medicarn has been providing workout equipment for many years now, with many satisfied customers referring on friends and family, and coming back whenever they want to up their game. Any one of the four vibration plates that they produce is sure to get you on the right track and help get your body slimmer and toner, and you feeling healthier!