Do Vibration Plates Really Work?

August 26, 2010 by plates  
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Even though they were almost unheard of even five years ago, today vibration plates are starting to show up in professional gymnasiums and rehabilitation centres everywhere. They’re touted as being miracle machines that will burn away your fat and tone your muscles while you simply stand on them for a few minutes. The benefits of vibration plates have even been praised by big celebrities, such as Madonna. But, do they really work? Is it really such an easy workout, and will they help you achieve your fitness goals?

The short answer is yes. Vibration plates do work, and they are very effective when they are used properly. Vibration plates work by sending very rapid vibrations to your muscles, causing them to stretch, flex, and relax and generally make them move and burn calories, while toning them at the same time. Stand on the platform in a different position, and you work another muscle group, doing the same thing there. Many trainers, athletic professionals, and medical professionals have all claimed that proper vibration plate training can be very beneficial and does indeed work. And that’s not to mention the very public testimonial of pop queen Madonna.

But if that’s still not enough for some, there has been an actual study conducted regarding the effectiveness of vibration plates. The study took place in 2009 and was done by the University of Antwerp and the Artesis University College in Belgium. The study included two groups of obese women. One group ate a nutritious diet and exercised regularly with a vibration plate while the other group ate the same diet and exercised using conventional exercise methods and techniques. The group who used the vibration plates lost more weight, including more belly weight, over a longer period of time.

So why the debate? Because some people have used vibration plates and found that they haven’t lost any weight. But the key is that they must be used properly. If it’s an easy workout for you, it’s not going to work. Training on a vibration plate is by no means a breeze, and should be done regularly and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Those who have never used vibration plates in their training before should at least consult a doctor and/or hire a trainer who is familiar with vibration plate training to assist and guide them for the first month or so, until they feel comfortable on the plate.


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