Power Maxx Vibration Plate

June 30, 2011 by plates  
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When you’re looking for a vibration plate that will give you just as good a workout as the envied Power Plate, but without paying the 5,000 pound price tag to do it, then the Power Maxx vibration plate may be a platform worth looking into. While it’s true that the Power Maxx doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that the Power Plate does, it does provide the basics you need for a good workout, and it also comes with a clean, sleek look.

The Power Maxx platform vibrates 1,000 – 2,000 times every minute, all the while toning your muscles and burning fat molecules. The Power Maxx also claims to be able to do something that few other machines can, and that’s reduce the appearance of cellulite, meaning that it not only improves muscle tone, but skin tone too! With the Power Maxx, you’ll also gives you more flexibility and increases your stamina level too, so you’ll feel better overall and have more energy throughout the day.

The Power Maxx is very easy to operate and is said to be suitable for all fitness levels. There are no awkward side handlebars that could get in the way of your workout, but the machine is equipped with two small handles attached to the digital readout, so you can still workout your arms and use them to achieve different positions, working different muscle groups. And that digital display is the same one that comes equipped with 3 pre-set programs, great for beginners that are fairly new to the machine and just learning to get comfortable with it; and 9 different speeds, so it lets you work at your own pace too!

Probably the best thing about the Power Maxx vibration plate though, is that it’s a full-sized upright vibration platform that only costs about 200 pounds. So forget about forking over your life’s savings just to get a gentle but effective workout. The Power Maxx brings a vibration platform that everyone can afford!


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