The Carl Lewis Vibration Plate

January 4, 2011 by plates  
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The Carl Lewis CEA001 Fitness Vibration Plate will not only bring you all of the benefits of other vibration plates, such as toning your muscles and burning fat, but it also comes at a much cheaper price than many other models of vibration plates – this Carl Lewis can be bought for just 150 pounds! And it still comes with all the different features and settings you could ever want in a vibration plate!

Those features include 16 different speed levels, so you can always work at your own pace; and three automatic programs to help you get an even workout, and challenge yourself with different settings. The height on this Carl Lewis vibration plate can also be adjusted to three different heights, making it great to share with the whole family! What most users find that they love most about the Carl Lewis CEA001 Fitness Vibration Plate though, is the fact that it’s so compact and can be stored easily in the home. So you get all the benefits of a full workout, without having to worry about all that bulky exercise equipment lying around your home.

And, this Carl Lewis is also said to save 70% of your time when compared to a standard workout that would yield the same results. Imagine getting the full benefits of a complete workout in less than half the time! This vibration plate will do it! And there are also two small handlebars on the digital display, in case you need them for certain exercises. Other than that, the sides are clear so you can move, lean, and position yourself however you need to in order to get the best possible workout.

For those who are looking to experience the benefits of a vibration plate for a moderate workout, and are interested in saving space and money, the Carl Lewis CEA001 Fitness Vibration Plate is definitely a good fit!


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